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NFL Lockout 2011: Owners And Players Agree To 'A One-Day Extension'

For the first time in what seems to be a gazillion years, the owners and players finally decided to agree on something pertaining to the expiration of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Per mediator George Cohen, via PFT, the owners and players have 'agreed to a one-day extension.'

This means that instead of the CBA expiring at midnight tonight, both sides will get an extra day to negotiate.

For my money, this one-day extension does not happen without the excellent decision reached by Judge Doty the other day, when he ruled that the NFL owners had not negotiated 'in good faith' with the TV people when they placed language in their deals that would pay them billions even if there was no football.

So, this means that the talks continue until Friday. Hopefully, the douche in Carolina isn't part of them.


PFT details what this extension is all about:

As a practical matter, then, a non-lockout lockout essentially has begun.  Teams can’t sign or re-sign or cut players.  The only thing that keeps it from becoming a full-blown non-lockout lockout is the ability of coaches to talk to players.

This means that the 2010 season is officially done, and the NFL is currently working without a CBA. This 'extension' is solely for negotiations. No more signings. No more nothing, save the 2011 NFL Draft, until a new CBA is signed or another extension is agreed upon.