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Stupid Writers: Who Upsets You The Most?

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I'm working on draft profiles now for Andy Dalton, Corey Luiget, and Derek Sherrod. While I'm doing this, I figured I'd toss this question out there: Which mainstream writer do you dislike the most?

Who in the 'established media' do you dislike? Why do you dislike them?

I ask because I've been getting a few emails from people asking me to bash a few writers who have written some less-than-stellar things about the Colts, Peyton Manning, and Jim Caldwell. Now, as you all know, I've written my fair share of negative things about those subjects. Probably even a bit too negative because we haven't had much good news relating to the Colts in some time. But, as a dedicated and aggressively-opinionated Colts fan, I kind of feel I know a bit more about the team and its inner workings than someone like Mike Florio, Pete Prisco, or Peter King.

But, that's just me, and even though I don't think people like Florio and King are all that informed when it comes to the Colts, I still like them and read their stuff. Other writers though... they can get my blood boiling. I'm curious to know who some of those people are for readers like you. Heck, if one of those writers is ME, I'd understand.

Please comment on which writers piss you off the most, and why.