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2011 SB Nation Writer's Mock Draft: Who Should We Take?

I just got the email from Draftivus Imperiti Dan Kadar and Brian Galliford that the Colts pick is on the clock for the 2011 SB Nation Writer's Mock Draft. Now, for those of you keeping score at home, Mocking the Draft has only published picks 1-11. But, because Dan and Brian are just THAT good at organizing this, I have to turn in Stampede Blue's Colts pick four days prior to publication.

If I don't, I get a Browns fan (Kadar) and a Bills fan (Galliford) both kicking me in the nuts simultaneously with steel-toed shoes.

So, because picks 12-21 have yet to be published, I can't give any of you specifics on who has been drafted. I can, however, give you a small list of players who are still available that seem to meet the value of the No. 22 pick in the first round.

After the jump, I have a list of names. Use the comments to suggest which one I should take, or inset a player's name not on the list.

Still available:

Use the comments to make suggestions. I'll be honest and say I have I pretty good idea of who I want, but if others have alternative suggestions, I'd like to hear them.