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With The 11th Pick In The 2011 Stampede Blue Community Mock Draft, The Houston Texans Select...


Von Miller - LB, Texas A&M

Pick made by SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs:

The Texans are an interesting case. They could go in a number of directions in this year's draft. I was foolish for hoping Amukamara might drop. The Texans' secondary is absolutely woeful. They tried to address it in the first round of last year's when they (inexplicably) reached for Kareem Jackson. He did not have a good year, but that can happen when you have to face Manning twice. The Texans have no long term answers for either safety position. There is some talk that Glover Quinn may switch to FS. This would help at FS, but it would leave the team in even more need at CB. With all of that said, there is not a DB worth taking here. I feel that both Brandon Harris and Jimmy Smith are slight (but possible) reaches here.

So, what else do the Texans need? If Julio Jones drops, don't be surprised to see the Texans grab him. Of course Houston needs serious help on defense, but a REAL threat opposite of Johnson would make this offense a juggernaut. However, Jones is gone, so back to defense we go.

The Texans hired Wade Phillips as their new defensive coordinator. Phillips, of course, employs a 3-4 - but it is a different kind of 3-4. The 3 DLinemen can be smaller because they are asked to shoot a gap, not eat two gaps. The Linebackers take care of the other gaps. With that information, the Texans are only a couple of pieces away from making Philip's 3-4 work. They could use another DE, opposite of Mario Williams. They also have to decide who is going to play OLB. Will it be Brian Cushing? From everything I have seen and read, Cushing is better suited as an ILB in a 3-4. A few years ago, Connor Barwin was drafter to be a pass rush specialist. So he may be a great option at one of the OLB spots.

Because the elite CBs and DLinemen are gone, the Texans could reach for a CB or they could select Von Miller. Miller is projected to go in the first half of this draft and some have him in the top 7 or 8. No doubt that some of Miller's rise is due to the ascension of Clay Matthews, but there is no reason to think Miller can't have a similar impact.

By selecting Miller, the Texans should get great value at a need position. This will allow Barwin to fill the other OLB, while keeping Cushing inside. All indications point to this being Wade Phillips' draft. Phillips has always had a deadly pass rush OLB - Shawne Merriman and DeMarcus Ware should ring a few bells! I think Wade will get his killer early and Miller is the best choice.

If there is little or no lockout and Phillips is able to coach his guys, I would look for Miller to make an impact early and often. It looks like the Titans may have a rookie QB; that is two games where Miller could look to eat some fresh meat. If the Colts grab an OT in the draft, then there are two more games where Miller could look to take advantage of the inexperience on our OLine. Miller should get plenty of playing time at OLB considering the lack of options the Texans have and I look for him to make good use of that time.

If Miller is taken 11th overall, it'll be the second time in 3 years the Texans have taken a LB in the first round (Brian Cushing), and the 7th time in the last 8 years they've taken a defensive player in the first round.  Also, it'll be the first Texas A&M taken in the first round since 1996, when Reggie D. Brown was taken 17th overall by the Lions.

Von Miller Scouting Report from Mocking the Draft

The Vikings, and Mr. Indianapolis Colts, are on the clock...

Pos Team Player Pos School Drafter
1 Carolina Nick Fairley DT Auburn palco
2 Denver Da'Quan Bowers DE Clemson chad72
3 Buffalo Marcell Dareus DT/DE Alabama Buffalo_Bill_Cody
4 Cincinnati A.J. Green WR Georgia beerbrunch
5 Arizona Patrick Peterson CB LSU JesusNinja13
6 Cleveland Robert Quinn DE North Carolina nickfromnaptown
7 San Francisco Prince Amukamara CB Nebraska nopuntintended
8 Tennessee Blaine Gabbert QB Missouri Aerostar193
9 Dallas Nate Solder OT Colorado Addai Another Aday
10 Washington Julio Jones WR Alabama TouchdownColts
11 Houston Von Miller LB Texas A&M SupermanWearsBobSander'sPJs
12 Minnesota Mr. Indianapolis Colts
13 Detroit Bradman721
14 St. Louis VolsnCards5
15 Miami metallicolts
16 Jacksonville Collin McCollough
17 New England mgrex03
18 San Diego ColtsFanFromHawaii
19 N.Y. Giants erockrap
20 Tampa Bay Sir Sci
21 Kansas City FreeneyAteYourLunch
22 Indianapolis BlueVol03
23 Philadelphia AnotherWriter
24 New Orleans ushoe
25 Seattle Vikings55Thunder
26 Baltimore JaredCounterman
27 Atlanta fiftycal2004
28 New England mgrex03
29 Chicago DClark#44
30 N.Y. Jets Eltoasto
31 Pittsburgh
32 Green Bay sanders_fan89