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2011 NFL Offseason: Colts Tender Joseph Addai, Clint Session, And Others

Lost in the flood of news on the CBA talks is the information we are now getting about the Colts tendering their restricted free agents. Now, keep in mind, much of this could be meaningless in a few weeks. Currently, there is no CBA. No one can sign free agents. No one can 'tag' anyone. What this involves is the Colts doing everything to cover their bases until the full details of the new CBA are made available.

Special thanks to King Richard and coltsfan723 for posting updates.

  • The Colts offered a first round tender for Joseph Addai.
  • Colts offered second round tender for Clint Session.
  • Tenders were offered to Daniel Muir, Eric Foster, and Melvin Bullitt. No word yet as to what those tenders are.
  • We don't know if Antonio Johnson was tendered. Hopefully, he was. Tendering Muir and not Mookie is just plain, sticking dumb.

Now, it's important to note that just because someone was tendered doesn't mean we will see them again in a Colts uniform in 2011. It's best to wait until we know what kind of league we have in 2011 before we start speculating on who will be in blue that year.