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Bob Sanders To San Diego Chargers Is On Hold

Put the breaks on that whole 'Bob Sanders to the Chargers' thing.

The San Diego Chargers' one-year deal with veteran strong safety Bob Sanders isn't official yet.

It needs to be ratified by the league as a contract language issue is being worked out.

"Sanders signing not official yet, but hopefully soon," Chargers spokesman Bill Johnston wrote on his official Twitter account. "Stay tuned."

Chalk this up to another oddity created by a lack of a CBA for 2011. No CBA means no free agency, which means no signing Bob Sanders.

Hopefully, should a new CBA is agreed upon soon, free agents can then explore the best options available to them, allowing players like Bob to sign with anyone they want. I'm not one to view this news as 'hope' that Bob will return to the Colts. Bob hasn't truly played for Indy since 2007. His career is likely done as he was the poster boy for overpaid, oft-injured NFL player.

Memories of Bob are best focused from 2004-2007. From 2007 to today, Bob Sanders has been completely useless to the Indianapolis Colts. If anything, his contract and the distractions created surrounding his injury status cost us a championship or two.

I don't blame Bob for that though. Bob played the only way he knew how. I hope he can revitalize his career somewhere else. I really do.