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Peyton Manning's Wife Doesn't Want Newspapers To Talk About Her Kids

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Let's be clear on something. I love Peyton Manning. I'm one of millions of fans who are very happy he and his wife, Ashley, welcomed twins into this world back on March 31st. I also sincerely hope Ashley, the babies, and Peyton are all healthy and happy.

However, this recent statement by Ashley Manning quoted in the Indianapolis Star makes no sense:

Several Internet sites Friday reported that Indianapolis Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife, Ashley, are the parents of twins Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, born March 31 in Indianapolis.

Ashley Manning would not confirm reports of the births of the baby boy and girl.

"We value our privacy and would appreciate you not putting this in the paper or online," she wrote Friday in an email message to The Indianapolis Star.

I'm all for respecting people's privacy, but when a four time NFL MVP who stars in about a gazillion commercials and is poised to sign the richest contract in league history becomes the father of twins, that info is kind of a big deal to the public. It's this thing we call 'news.' Not cheeky, celebrity gossip (aka, did Peyton party after a Kenny Chesney concert), but real news.

Maybe there's more to this story that demands a certain level of privacy. Maybe these twins were adopted, or perhaps there was a surrogate mother. That might explain why seemingly no one knew the Mannings were expecting. Maybe the stork brought them, or perhaps the very same alien technology that created Peyton's large, bulging cranium discovered a way from him clone himself. Who knows? More importantly, who cares?

Doesn't matter how they got kids. The fact is they have them, and it's GREAT! Ashley Manning refusing to confirm a story Peyton's own mother has confirmed (she also told her hometown newspaper) is odd and borderline silly. Respecting privacy is one thing. However, the very same public that allows Peyton the opportunity to earn tens of millions of dollars a year playing a game for a living has the right to know when he became a father for the first time. It's as simple as that.

That said...