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So Confirmed It's Silly: Peyton Manning And Wife Ashley Had Twins

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Following up yesterday's odd and seemingly comical refusal of Peyton Manning's wife, Ashely, to confirm that the couple had welcomed twins Marshall and Mosley Manning into this world back on March 31, we now have this from Indy radio station WIBC (via Twitter):

WIBC has confirmed with the Marion Co. Health Department that Peyton & Ashley Manning are indeed parents of twins born Mar 31.

So, there you have it. Unless the Marion County Health Department (which is the health department for the city of Indianapolis, where the twins were born), the Mississippi newspaper The Neshoba Democrat, former University of Tennessee football coach Phillip Fulmer, and Peyton's own mother are all lying in one big, vast conspiracy to mess with our heads, it's a confirmed fact that Ashley and Peyton Manning did indeed have twins.

I have absolutely no idea why Ashley Manning would refuse to confirm this pretty evident fact. She doesn't need to comment or anything. No one is asking for exclusive pictures (and if they are, I could understand not wanting to share those). But refusing to confirm a birth literally everyone knows happened is silly. The news does not wait, or hold it's breath, because Peyton Manning and his wife wish it. They should just said, 'Yep, he had two kids. Now leave us alone,' and all would have been fine.

That said, we wish nothing but happiness and good health to the Mannings and their new family.