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2011 NFL Preseason Schedule: Colts Schedule Features World Champion Packers

The NFL emailed me their preseason schedule yesterday, but we've kind of been so distracted with planning for the 2011 NFL Draft that I stupidly forgot to post it. Special thanks to DFree for doing it in the FanPosts. Here is the schedule which, as my colleague Jason Brewer at Bleeding Green Nation humorously puts it, highlights games that don't matter for a season that might not happen.

Game 1: Indianapolis vs. St. Louis

Game 2: Washington vs. Indianapolis

Game 3: Green Bay vs. Indianapolis

Game 4: Indianapolis vs Cincinatti

The third and fourth preseason games are the same as the ones the Colts played last year during preseason. The third game is often a dress rehearsal game. Last year, the Colts went to Green Bay and got smoked. The Cincy game is the typical fourth game that, to be honest, could be gotten rid of. The Colts never play anyone in that game, and those that do play (and play well) still get cut anyway. Tom Brandstater outplayed Curtis Painter in that game, and all throughout preseason. Yet, Brandstater was cut following the fourth preseason game, and Curtis Painter was retained for reasons no one can explain.

One thing that's interesting is there is very little travel needed for these preseason games. The Colts can take buses to both Cincy and St. Louis.

Hopefully, we'll get to have all these preseason games. While many consider them 'useless,' they are, in fact, critical to teams starting the season looking sharp and ready.