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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Two Round Mock From SB Nation

It's Monday, and that means Brian Galliford at SB Nation has another mock draft posted. This time, it's a two rounder as we countdown to ten days until the 2011 NFL Draft.

Now, before I talk about this mock, let me make one thing perfectly clear: I think Brian Galliford is awesome.

He is, without question, one of my favorite people to work with at SB Nation. He does a great job writing about the Buffalo Bills at Buffalo Rumblings along with the stellar job he does at Mocking the Draft and SB Nation. So, when I say I absolutely despise his recent mock draft, that's not me saying I 'hate' Brian or I think he's 'dumb,' 'an idiot', or a 'schmuck.' Just because I disagree with something doesn't mean I think the person who wrote it is lacking intelligence. Brian's done seemingly a gazillion mocks since January, and that's work that is, in many ways, thankless. I liked all those mocks. Heck, even if I hated them all (which I don't), I like him.

However, this most recent mock is not one I'd call 'Colts accurate.' If the Colts somehow mirror this Monday mock from Brian, I'll first buy him a round of drinks for being a modern day soothsayer. Then, while Brian is drinking his free spirits, I step outside and scream bloody lamentations at the moon.

22. Indianapolis Colts: Corey Liuget, DT, Illinois. The Colts have been trying to address this position for years; Liuget would be their most talented attempt.

Nothing wrong with the Liuget pick unless all the first round left tackles are gone. However, in this mock, Derek Sherrod and Nate Solder are still on the board. There is no way a team like the Colts can pass on those two guys for a DT. I understand DT is a need area, but the Colts are trying to re-sign a 35-year-old Peyton Manning to a record contract. Their offensive line is absolutely terrible, and while free agency could help infuse the line with talent (when the lockout ends) the Colts desperately need a player like Sherrod or Solder to protect Peyton's blindside.

If not, then it makes little sense to re-sign Peyton at all. One does not sign a 35-year-old QB to a HUGE deal unless one expects to win Super Bowls with that QB. And as we all saw last year, Peyton needs help from his o-line. He can't do everything all by himself anymore.

It's also worth noting that even though Bill Polian hasn't drafted a left tackle in the first round in over 15 years, I don't think he has ever drafted a DT in round one, ever! We're talking 20-plus years going back to Buffalo.

53. Indianapolis Colts: Mason Foster, OLB, Washington. Foster is an underrated, do-everything player that fits well on the weak or strong side for Jim Caldwell.

OK, now things are getting a little silly. The Colts have plenty invested in the LBer position. Last year, they reached on they drafted Iowa's Pat Angerer in Round Two, passing on USC left tackle Charles Brown (who was picked up the very next selection by the New Orleans Saints). Angerer's a nice kid, and he's got some ability. Indy also has Kavell Conner, who they're very high on, along with Clint Session and Gary Brackett. There is simply no way the Colts will take a linebacker in Round Two this year, especially one like Mason Foster.

Don't get me wrong. Foster seems like a good kid, but at 6'2, 242 pounds, he's simply not the kind of player the Colts would take in the second round. The last time they took a linebacker like Foster was in 2008 when they used a late third round pick on Georgia Tech's Philip Wheeler. Wheeler's been benched twice in his Colts career, and is now little more than a reserve.

With guys like Orlando Franklin and Marcus Gilbert still on the board, why would the Colts pass on more quality tackles and take, of all positions, a linebacker? Equally frustrating is that defensive tackles like Phil Taylor and Drake Nevis are still sitting there at pick No. 53. The Colts could take Solder or Sherrod in Round One, and then pluck away Nevis or Taylor in Round Two.

Presto! Two big needs solved, filled by players who are excellent value where they were taken.

Indy could also go safety or wide receiver in Round Two, taking Oklahoma's Quinton Carter or Kentucky's Randall Cobb, respectively. Really, any position other than linebacker makes sense in Round Two.

I understand that my buddy Brian has to do these mocks every week and that, in general, much of it is educated guess work. Plus, I'll again state that he's been doing many, many, many mocks since January, and most of them have been very good. However, if this recent mock from Brian turns out to be what actually happens on draft day for the Colts, I will probably blow a gasket. The Colts absolutely cannot walk out of Round One without a left tackle. If they do, and take a DT, they have to get one in Round Two.

The Colts need talent on their o-line, not late round 'gems.' They've tried that philosophy in recent years, and its failed miserably. They need first day talent to protect Peyton Manning, and they need it to develop quickly (aka, no more Tony Ugohs or Mike Pollaks). If not, then there is little point in talking about this team as a contender.

One-and-done in the playoffs again (if they get lucky) unless they get some real players in front of their franchise QB.