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2011 NFL Schedule: Complete Schedule For The Indianapolis Colts

At 7:00 p.m. Eastern this evening, the NFL released the schedule for the 2011 NFL season. This despite the league and its owners locking out the players until the very public labor disagreement is resolved.

For the Indianapolis Colts, they will start the 2011 season at the same place they started the 2010 season: At Houston against the Texans. The Colts surrendered 257 rushing yards that opening day against Houston last year, losing in humiliating fashion 34-24.

Jim Irsay Tweeted earlier that the Colts would play in five primetime games. Those games are Week Three against the Steelers (NBC), Week Four against the Buccaneers (ESPN), Week Seven against the Saints (NBC), Week Thirteen against the Patriots (NBC), and Week Sixteen against the Texans (NFLN).

Indy's bye week is Week Eleven (November 20th).

Week One: @ Houston

Week Two: Cleveland

Week Three: Pittsburgh

Week Four: @ Tampa Bay

Week Five: Kansas City

Week Six: @ Cincinnati

Week Seven: @ New Orleans

Week Eight: @ Tennessee

Week Nine: Atlanta

Week Ten: Jacksonville

Week Eleven: Bye

Week Twelve: Carolina

Week Thirteen: @ New England

Week Fourteen: @ Baltimore

Week Fifteen: Tennessee

Week Sixteen: Houston

Week Seventeen: @ Jacksonville