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2011 NFL Mock Draft: Should The Colts Take Danny Watkins, Guard From Baylor?

So, it's clear we all didn't like the latest mock draft from SB Nation. It's OK. Not all mocks are gems, and Brian Galliford is still a very cool guy. After seeing that mock, I started comparing it to other mock drafts floating out there. One that caught my attention was an an update by Walter Football.

WF has Indy taking Miss. St. left tackle Derek Sherrod in the first round while also taking guard Danny Watkins from Baylor in round two.

The Sherrod pick is solid, and fills a major need, but the Watkins pick is very interesting.

I really like Danny Watkins. He's a talented guard who can start right away for the team that drafts him. The problem is that he's 27 years old (in November), but that won't matter much to the Colts, who are built to win now rather than later.

In fact, I don't think Bill Polian sticks around once Peyton Manning retires, which is why I'm not a believer in Indianapolis drafting a quarterback early this year.

Personally, I think it's doubtful the always cost-minded Colts would throw second round money at a 27-year-old rookie, but the idea that Indy would continue to take offensive linemen in the second and third round is certainly plausible.

I still hold out hope that Ben Ijalana from Villanova will still be there at No. 53.