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2011 SB Nation Writers NFL Mock Draft: Colts Take Quinton Carter At Pick 53

As I posted Monday, I wasn't able to really reach out to all of you and ask who I should take with the 53rd overall pick in the 2011 SB Nation Writers NFL Mock Draft. So, I just made the selection and hoped it would be something all of you would find acceptable. Personally, based on some of the guesses a few of you made, I think I did this community proud by taking safety Quinton Carter from Oklahoma.

Brian Galliford has my select posted at Mocking The Draft. I have a brief write-up there explaining why I made the pick. Draft guru Dan Kadar also weighs in on my selection.

I'm not sure how you folks feel (which if why I have a poll attached to this post), put I think I came away with a nice little haul this year. The Colts have three massive needs going into the draft: Offensive line, safety, and defensive tackle. I was able to fill two of those needs while, at the same time, getting great value.

Having Boston College stud Anthony Costonzo fall to me at pick No. 22 was excellent! I really could not pass up taking him. He could be Indianapolis' left tackle for ten years. If not, he, at the very least, infuses the offensive line with some much needed talent.

With Quinton Carter, the reality we must all accept is Bob Sanders is indeed gone for good, and that Melvin Bullitt is very possibly an Ex-Colt as well. A lack of a quality strong safety last season killed the Colts defense. Parring Carter up with Antoine Bethea would solidify a secondary that was very shaky last season.

Again, I'm kind of patting myself on the back with these picks. Not sure if you feel the same way. If you feel different, if you think I should have drafted someone else, comment and vote in the poll please.