Peyton Manning Purposely Fails Baseline Concussion Test

Here's a quote from the article. Link Below.

"They have these new (brain) tests we have to take. Before the season, you have to look at 20 pictures and turn the paper over and then try to draw those 20 pictures. And they do it with words, too. Twenty words, you flip it over, and try to write those 20 words.

"Then, after a concussion, you take the same test and if you do worse than you did on the first test, you can't play. So I just try to do badly on the first test."

Sounds like Peyton isn't the only player that has admitted to doing this. Is this smart or stupid on his part? Is a severly concussed Peyton Manning still better than a healthy Curtis Painter?

I'd rather have Peyton in the game, unless he's lining up behind the left tackle. Speaking of left tackle, let's get one of those, so a Manning concussion is less likely to happen.

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