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2011 NFL Draft: BBS Attends Pre-Draft Media Session

While I'm stuck here in rainy Indianapolis, BBS got to run amok this morning in NYC at an NFL Play 60 event, where quite a few of the draftees were in attendance to answer questions and chat up members of the media.  Some notes from BBS, via StampedeBlue twitter:

Apparently, Cam Newton might have ducked out before the media were made available to draft prospects at the event. No one got a chance to chat with him, at least to my knowledge. Many reporters complained he wasn't made available.

At the Combine, Newton loved all the attention, relishing the fact that everyone in the room was in front of his podium. Now, I'm guessing his agent advised him not to speak with the media, because as the old saying goes: "Better to keep your mouth closed and be thought a fool than to open it and remove all doubt."

Tryon Smith told me his knee was fine. Called himself the best LT in the draft class.

Gabe Carimi and Nate Solder said the same thing back in February. Confidence exuding from this crop of OTs. I hope the Colts get one of them.

Von Miller told me he was in courtroom when Judge Nelson's decision was read. Said the experience gave him 'goosebumps.'

Von Miller wants to be drafted by Cowboys at No. 9. If Cowboys don't draft him, Miller said he wants Redskins to draft him so he can kick Cowboys ass twice a year for passing on him.

I'd be willing to bet my life savings that Miller won't drop to No. 9, so the Cowboys will have to go get him if they want him. Being from Texas though, it makes sense he'd want that.

FYI, Ryan Kerrigan. Super nice guy He groaned when I mentioned the final game of the season

For all you Boilermaker fans (with a gentle dig at the Hoosiers winning the Oaken Bucket). Seemed the same way at the Combine. Some team is going to get a really good football player when they draft Kerrigan.

Also, Patrick Peterson. Very approachable and articulate. Confident, but not too cocky. Impressed with him.

Peterson seems to be the "lock of the draft", which means pretty much nothing. Remember Aaron Curry being the "lock of the draft" a couple years ago? Think the Seahawks still think that? Peterson looks really, really good though.

Awkward moment at pre-draft event, Goodell spoke with about 50 kids at an NFL Play 60 event. Goodell asked how many of them wanted to be drafted in the NFL. Only five or so raised their hands. Everyone sort of chuckled at the moment. Goodell then spoke about the NFL is about 'teamwork.' The crowd's groan was nearly audible.

I'll say one thing about Goodell: he's got some balls on him. Obviously the kids have no idea why what he said was so funny, but it's great fodder for the rest of us who now how ridiculous his op-ed in the Wall Street Journal yesterday. Why ask about a non-existent future draft? Oh, right...