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Stampede Blue Interviews 2011 NFL Draft Prospect Patrick Peterson, LSU

The Indianapolis Colts have absolutely no shot at getting all world defensive back Patrick Peterson. For some, he's the No. 1 rated players in the draft, and there is a ton of buzz around him as we get closer to selection time. But, even though our Colts probably won't pick the guy, that didn't stop yours truly from speaking with him at a pre-draft event hosted by the NFL in NYC.

Of the numerous draft prospects I spoke to yesterday, Patrick Peterson and Purdue's Ryan Kerrigan (who I posted the interview transcript over at SB Nation Indiana) were two of the coolest, nicest people to chat with. Whoever gets Peterson, and logic suggests it will be the Broncos, they're getting a pretty good guy.

Below and after the jump is our interview with Peterson, who seems to think he's the Bionic Cornerback when it comes to who he models his game after.


BBS: Many people think you are the top overall player in the entire draft. Would you be disappointed if you're not taken No. 1 overall?

Patrick Peterson: I won't be disappointed at all. You know, it's a huge, huge honor to be in this position. A lot of guys would do anything to be in this position I am in today. But, at the same time, if I don't go No. 3, I don't go No. 3, if I slip all the way to the second round, I'd be happy to even have the opportunity to play in the NFL.

BBS: Do you model your game after anybody?

PP: I'd have to swag; Deion Sanders. Defensive back skills; Darrelle Revis. Intelligence; Charles Woodson. And, range, ball skills; Ed Reed. Combine all that-

BBS: My God! You're like the ultimate defensive back!

PP [laughs]: I know! Exactly.

BBS: Have you been able to pick Deion's brain while you've been here?

PP: Not yet.

BBS: Is this your first time meeting him?

PP: This is my second time meeting him. Actually, we're supposed to sit down tonight for an interview. So, we'll see how that goes.

BBS: Talk about this draft process. This is overwhelming for a lot of guys. How have you handled all this?

PP: It's definitely not overwhelming. It's fun! If I had a chance, I'd definitely do this all over again. It's an opportunity that you're never going to get again! You only get drafted once.

BBS: What are your thoughts on the labor situation? How has it affected you?

PP: It hasn't affected me at all. This [legal] decision is out of my hands. I know these guys are going to do the best that they can to get football back on, because football is America's game. This game will get underway soon.

BBS: Best of luck, Patrick.

PP: Thank you.

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