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Stampede Blue Gets To Interview Tom Brady (Yes, THAT Tom Brady)

I guess that, with all the news regarding the labor situation settling down now, I can spill the beans on a pretty incredible little thing I get to do tomorrow: Chat with Patriots quarterback Tom Brady.

As part of a promotion SB Nation is doing with Under Armour. This is not a one-on-one thing where Tommy and I get to sit down over Scotch and talk about Gisele, Cover-2 defenses, and the size of Peyton Mannings' forehead. But, I'm part of a select group of media allowed to ask questions. Prior to this little media gathering, Brady will have a live chat with fans at

So, it sounds similar to other events I've attended, allowing media access to players (like the NFL Play 60 thing I went to yesterday). So, look for more info on my Q&A with Brady tomorrow before Day Two of the 2011 NFL Draft.

The Under Armour Tom Brady Draft Chat will broadcast LIVE and can be seen on both ( as well as Under Armour’s Facebook Page ( and will feature rare access to the reigning NFL MVP. The chat will begin at approximately 10:45am ET and will end precisely at 11:25am ET.