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Stampede Blue And The 2011 NFL Draft

OK kids, here's the skinny for tonight:

  • I will be attending the 2011 NFL Draft at Radio City Music Hall in NYC. I'll be in the press area.
  • Stampede Blue will have live updates throughout the night, including stories on draft picks (especially the one the Colts will likely make tonight).
  • I'm placing the open threads in the FanPosts. This way, the open threads don't get 'lost' off the mainpage after every update.
  • Matt Grecco will be doing some writing, but mostly he's covering SB Nation Indiana. Look for features there by him.
  • I'll be doing a lot of Tweeting as well. Follow me at @stampedeblue.
  • Special videos and interview will get posted at Mocking The Draft.
  • I plan on getting very little sleep tonight. How about you?
  • Go Colts!