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My Wish for the Draft: Stephen Paea, The Second Bulwark for The Great Wall of Tonga

Pairing Paea with Colts' current starting DT Fili Moala, the Colts could form the The Great (and hopefully impenetrable) Wall of Tonga as both Paea and Moala are Tongan decent! 

It makes total sense. We need a defensive tackle and not only that but drafting Stephen Paea would make one of the most formidable and coolest defensive tackle tandems in the game: Stephen Paea and Fili Moala aka The Great Wall of Tonga!!!!

It's not out of the question. The Colts are desperate for run support and Paea is just the undersized, but stout and agile tackle that fits the Colts system and could help the Colts improve an underwhelming defensive line.

For months, draft experts mocked Paea as a possible first round pick. Recently though he's fallen. Early second, mid second and now possibly even the latter half of round two!

Ok so Moala is not technically from the there and is only of Togan decent, but what are the odds that two guys from a tiny island in the South Pacific with a population of just over 100,000 people, could end up starting next to each other on the same defensive line?

Answer: Minuscule, which makes it all the more awesome. So there you have it, the "Great Wall of Tonga" it is!

Just to get you more in the mood, here is a little more about the tiny South Pacific Island that is apparently an

endless talent pool of football stars. (Haloti Ngata of the Ravens, who is also a cousin of Paea's is from there as well.)

- Tonga is a constitutional monarchy and their King has been invited and will be in attendance at tomorrow's Royal Wedding.

- Because it is south of the equator, it's hottest month is actually January. Christmas is celebrated in shorts on the beach.

- The tiny island sent 40 troops to fight in Iraq as part of the "coalition of the willing"

- It has awesome looking beaches and supposedly amazing scuba diving.

So please, please please Bill Polian. I implore you! Make it happen because nobody, not even Chris Johnson or Maurice Jones Drew, will be able to scale the Great Wall of Tonga.

Happy draft everyone!

If Paea is drafted and the Colts win the Super Bowl, forget Disney World, we're going to Tonga!!!!