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Thoughts On Colts No. 22 NFL Draft Selection Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College

Apologies for not as many write-ups from yours truly last night. If you followed me on Twitter you knew that the Radio City Music Hall's wireless service was down throughout much of last night's draft. Media people were unable to get online all night, and it got so bad that several left in the middle of the draft, including Mike Florio of PFT.

I had limited service on my Sprint card, which allowed me access to Twitter and some internet chat rooms. Every time I tried to log into Stampede Blue and write an article, I'd get booted off. Not fun.

Still, despite my IT-related frustrations, I personally was not frustrated with the Colts selection of Anthony Castonzo last night with the No. 22 overall pick. In fact, I did a visible 'happy dance' when the pick was announced.

At first, the news hit the media floor that Indy had taken Phil Taylor. Then, news that Cleveland had taken Castonzo. Finally, things were sorted out, and the real news of Taylor to the Browns and Castonzo to the Colts was established, and I was a happy man.

As you all know, Castonzo was who we chose in the 2011 SB Nation Writers Mock Draft. He snagged him because he was just sitting there at No. 22, and a talent like Castonzo has no business falling to 22 unless a lot of teams ahead of the 22 spot made dumb draft moves. Fortunately for us, teams like the Titans, Vikings, and Jaguars reached on quarterbacks. Thus, Castonzo fell to 22, and there was really no other pick there for Indy.

Boston College fans were happy to see him land in Indy as well. From BC Interuption:

The Colts are getting a great lineman in Castonzo, which seems like a steal with the 22nd pick overall. Castonzo is one of the smartest players in the Draft, has great footwork, a solid frame and has been tested against all sorts of D-linemen in the ACC. Great to see Boston College represented once again in the first round of the NFL Draft.

While at the NFL Combine, writers Matt Grecco and Colin McCollough were listening to Mike Mayock of NFL Network talk about Castonzo, and he said that the BC grade was 'the most NFL-ready pure left tackle in the 2011 draft class at the combine this year.'

Left tackle was a major need position, and to have a talent like Castonzo sitting there at No. 22 was really a no-brainer pick. I'm happy the Colts made the selection and did not trade out of the first round. While I'm sure guys like Gabe Carimi and Derek Sherrod will develop into good pros, they are simply less talented (overall) than Castonzo.

I spoke with SI's Tony Pauline after the draft and asked him about the Castonzo selection. He nodded, 'Solid pick. Real nice.' I also asked him about the Titans taking Jake Locker. No joke, he literally gave me the 'jerk-off' sign.

So, the tackle position has been filled. Let's see if day two gives us the DT and safety we so desperately need. Let's also hope I can get on the Internet at Radio City.

Welcome to the Indianapolis Colts, Anthony Castonzo! You get to protect the blindside of the greatest quarterback of all time. Enjoy the honor.

Go Colts!