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2011 NFL Draft: Where Do The Colts Go In Rounds 2 And 3?

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We've had 17 hours or so to let the pick of Anthony Castonzo sink in, and it seems that everyone is in agreement that he was a great pick for the Colts (89% giving him an "A" grade tells me that). He'll start Game 1 at LT, moving Charlie Johnson inside, where I think he'll be more effective than he was at LT. Huge need filled with the best OT in the draft, according to the Colts.

So where do the Colts go tonight in Rounds Two and Three? I think the only position that can truly be nixed is Quarterback, especially since everyone else seems hell-bent on reaching a round+ to get somebody. I also think Defensive End won't be addressed tonight, since so much was invested in Jerry Hughes last year. Bill Polian said to give him time, which makes me think they won't draft another guy high in the draft to compete with him. Just a hunch.

That leaves everything else wide open. I don't think there is a glaring need that absolutely must be addressed in Rounds 2 or 3, but history tells us that one of those two picks will be on a player in the secondary. Since 2000, the Colts have not taken a CB or Safety in the first 3 rounds only once, in 2008. Safety is probably the closest thing to a must-have, so I'm expecting one of those two picks to be a Safety. A couple guys to keep your eye on are UCLA FS Rahim Moore (R2), Oklahoma SS Quinton Carter (R2), and Iowa SS Tyler Sash (R3). If I had to bet on anyone being drafted by the Colts, it'd be one of these 3 guys.

The interior of the Defensive Line could use some help as well, as there's not much run stopping help beyond Antonio Johnson. Stephen Paea is the hot name being bandied about, but I'm guessing he isn't going to last 20 picks tonight, especially when people like Mel Kiper have him as #2 best available player. Same goes for Marvin Austin from North Carolina, who didn't play in 2010, but was a stud before that. I think it is much more likely a DT is taken in Round 2 than in Round 3, just because the value works out better there. The Colts absolutely won't reach for a DT, but if somebody falls in their laps, expect them to draft there.

I think a WR could easily be taken with one of these two picks, especially a guy that can double as a returner. The Colts continue to have issues in that area, and with the kicking team being 5 yards closer now, it may give teams more incentive to kick it to the 5 yard line, forcing the poor Colts kick return team to actually return the ball, rather than take a touchback. Add in the uncertainty of injuries (undrafted Brandon James got snaps last year), the fact that the three guys are all without contracts after 2011, Austin Collie's head injuries, etc., and it makes sense for the Colts to grab someone, historically higher than lower. Kentucky's Randall Cobb, Maryland's Torrey Smith, Miami's Leonard Hankerson, and Boise State's Titus Young all look like intriguing second round picks, and Indiana's Tandon Doss and Hawaii's Greg Salas could go in the third round.

Lastly, I wouldn't rule out a second Offensive Lineman to go along with Castonzo, especially another Tackle. Ryan Diem's usefulness is dwindling, and they talked last night about Johnson moving back inside, meaning Jeff Linkenbach is the only other Tackle on the roster. There are still plenty of guys that can play the right side, including Villanova's Ben Ijalana, Indiana's James Brewer, and Florida's Marcus Gilbert. I doubt the Colts will go on the interior of the Offensive line this high, but it's possible.