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2011 NFL Lockout: Owners Reportedly Granted Stay, Then Retracted By ESPN

Earlier today, the Indianapolis Star reported that several Colts players were at the team's facility, working out, or just doing whatever:

RB Donald Brown, WR Blair White, Justin Snow, OL Jaimie Thomas, Jeff Linkenbach at Colts complex.

However, the NFL Labor mess has gotten a little messier, or maybe just more confusing this afternoon. Via Pro Football Talk, ESPN reported on-air:

BREAKING NEWS: Court grants temporary stay of players’ injunction, reinstates NFL lockout.

Then, John Clayton went on the air and said "The doors are going to be closing very, very quickly." The Lockout was back on, according to a ruling from the Eight Circuit Court, meaning players that were in their team’s facility may be kindly asked to vacate the premises.

But just an hour later, ESPN retracted that story, and instead had this on their bottom line:

DEVELOPING STORY: Court expected to decide whether to grant temporary stay of players’ injunction, reinstating NFL lockout.

Yahoo! Sports’ Michael Silver had an article earlier today speculating that the Eighth Circuit Court would grant an "administrative stay" to ensure everyone has the proper time to submit their arguments, so the Court can make a proper ruling on whether to grant a stay of Judge Susan Nelson’s ruling in favor of the Players, which would end the Lockout.

A ruling from the Eighth Circuit Court is expected this afternoon, and it is expected that the lockout will be back on, at least through the weekend.