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Colts Peyton Manning And Wife Ashley Might Have Had Twins UPDATE Sources Confirm Story

Back around April Fools Day, a rumor started circulating on a Tennessee Volunteers message board that Peyton Manning's wife, Ashely, had given birth to twins on March 31st in Indianapolis, IN. This news followed the story that  Eli Manning's wife Abby had given birth to Ava Frances Manning ten days earlier. The news on Ava was expected (and congrats to Eli and his family), but the supposed news regarding Peyton and Ashley was dismissed because nothing had surfaced to suggest Ashley was even pregnant, let alone had given birth to twins. Plus, it was April Fools, and all sorts of Manning jokes and false stories surface around then.

However, two days ago The Neshoba Democrat, a newspaper from Philadelphia, MS (hometown of Peyton and Eli's mother, Olivia), printed this:

Exciting news from the NFL, times two! Peyton and Ashley Manning are the parents of twins, Marshall Williams Manning and Mosley Thompson Manning, a little football player and a cheerleader, born March 3l, 20ll, in Indianapolis, Ind. They are being welcomed by their cousin, Ava Frances Manning, born March 2l, 20ll, to Eli and Abby Manning.

We're sending out feelers to various folks trying to get a confirmation on this, including contacting the newspaper. If true, this is WONDERFUL NEWS! We sincerely hope it is true. Once we get confirmation, we'll update the story

Big tip to nighttrain551

[UPDATE]: We've contacted Peyton's management (IMG), the Colts, and the newspaper itself. No comment as yet. Stay tuned.

[UPDATE 2]: Radar Online is citing a 'family source' confirming the news. Looking like this is real. We're still waiting on official news from our sources. If this fully checks out, this proves Peyton Manning can literally do anything. How someone of his profile could keep something like this a secret is pretty impressive.

Also, Channel 6 News in Indianapolis is running with the story.

[UPDATE 3]: We heard back from Debbie Myers at The Neshoba Democrat, and she says the story is genuine. Looks like Peyton's a daddy (unless the paper's sources are wrong). I'm inclined to believe them, especially since other sources are also confirming the news.

Congrats to the Manning family! Marshall Manning, first round pick of the Indianapolis Colts, draft class of 2033.