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Former Colts Defensive End Raheem Brock And Chester Pitts 'Crank Calling' Roger Goodell, Call Him A 'Douche'

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Aside from the fact that last year Raheem Brock recorded 9 sacks, 36 tackles, and a forced fumble last year for the Seahawks while his 'replacement' in Indy (Jerry Hughes) notched just six total tackles, what I think I missed most about Raheem in a Colts uniform last year was his jovial attitude and his sense of humor. I interviewed him at the Super Bowl in 2010, and I'd seen him at NFL-related events. That humor and sense of silliness was always on display when Raheem was around his Colts teammates. He's still considered very popular by his former-Indy team, and his Twitter account is a must read.

With the lockout entering its third month, Raheem seems to have a lot of time on his hands. Thus, he's using that time in a constructive way by working out, staying in shape... and crank calling Commissioner Roger Goodell with the assistance of his Seahawks teammate, Chester Pitts.

It seems Comedy Central also has taken notice of Raheem's penchant for humor. The cable network has a special video up on, featuring Brock and Pitts in a new series titled Crankin The Commish. In the series, it seems as if Brock and Pitts are pretending to crank call the commissioner's office, impersonating people like DeMaurice Smith and president Barack Obama.

Comedy Central sent me an email to highlight this video (and after watching a few minutes, I'm more than happy do).

Some of the funnier parts:

  • Pitts impersonating De Smith (rather well, I might add) saying the players want 'real love' from the owners, and that they want the commissioner to legalize 'player-owner marriages.' He laughs and hangs up.
  • Another segment has Brock, impersonating a woman, asking, 'Roger, where's the child support?' Brock then laughs and hangs up.
  • Another has Pitts doing impressions again, this time of Obama, asking Goodell to 'stop being a douche.'
  • At one point, Pitts calls Goodell a 'fraud' before hanging up the phone and hi-fiving Brock.
  • At the end of the whole thing, a fake Roger Goodell calls them back, telling them he's going to 'get you rascals.' Brock and Pitts hang up the phone and then decide to go out and get icecream.

The video is funny, goofy, and enjoyable at a time when pretty much everyone is pissed off at the owners and players for this rather ridiculous work stoppage. However, if this had happened during the season, with a CBA in place and rules to enforce, Brock and Pitts would be fined and-or suspended for this. If Brock played for the Colts and did this, he'd have to deal with the angry coffee breath blasting into his face from one Bill Polian.

It will be interesting to see if (after the dust settles with this lockout ) Raheem and Chester get an actual phone call from 'The Rog' about this Crank Callin' show. If they do, I doubt he'll call them 'rascals.'