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Luke Links: Assessing Fan Anger


We're still waiting for the Eighth Circuit to rule on the stay. It's not even a farce anymore. I honestly don't think these idiots on the judge's panel care. Implementing an 'emergency' stay that one of their own members said lacked precedent, and then taking their sweet time to rule on this supposed 'temporary' stay.

It's things like this that get me angry at this whole lockout lunacy. Mike Florio at PFT tried to assess fan anger late last week. Mike Silver at Yahoo! Sports also chimed in:

"Why aren’t fans absolutely revolting now?. . . If you’re a fan, how can you not be mad? And how can you tell me your anger is equal or more toward the players if you’re really thinking it through?" Silver said. "You’ve gotta be mad at the owners, and you absolutely should be voicing it in a way that puts pressure on them to get these people back in the workplace."

I personally am mad at the owners, and I blame them 80% of this mess. But, that's me. How do you feel? While you're thinking on that, here are the links:

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)


HORSE APPLES (stuff from around SB Nation)