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Luke Links: The 'Bill Polian Isn't Calling The Shots Anymore' Edition

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It's day 74 of the longest work stoppage in NFL history. Here are the links:

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)

  • Jim Irsay confirms that Tom Moore is indeed gone from the Colts. No press conference. No press release. No 'Thank you, Tom' posted on the website.
  • has 'The Heavyweights' from Friday, May 20th posted. They mostly talk about the Indy 500. Heck, even when football isn't lockout out, these guys talk racing in late May.
  • Jim Irsay on Twitter asks if Rohn Stark, Eugene Daniel, or Ray Donaldson belong in the Ring of Honor. Answer: We don't care. End the lockout, already.


HORSE APPLES (stuff from around SB Nation)