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Colts One Of Seven Teams Who Aren't Cheap Regarding Coaching Pay

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Doug Farrar of FO:

So, the NFL has no player costs, and no obligation to repay for lost games, but are still slashing employee salaries?

Yep, pretty much. However, not all teams are owned by soulless schmucks like Jerry Richardson.

According to the Boston Globe, the Colts are one of seven teams, including the Eagles, Seahawks, Steelers, Raiders, Giants, and Cowboys, who will not slash coach salaries despite the lockout. The Globe also reports that 25 of the 32 NFL teams have either already instituted pay cuts or told coaches that they will begin doing so on June 1.

In essence, if the lockout situation wasn't enough to convince you just how pathetically greedy most NFL owners are, this news should. Jason Brewer at BGN agrees:

It's a seems like an excessively cheap move on the part of some owners to be so dramatically cutting the pay of coaches. I get that they probably aren't doing as much work as they usually would if there were players in the building, but these guys are presumably still showing up for work and doing what is asked of them. It seems outrageous that they would be paid less, especially since the NFL hasn't lost any revenue yet.

However, Jim Irsay and the other six owners not acting like Scrooge McDuck should get some applause. Irsay, in particular, has been particularly pleasant to write about of late. He's wavered from the intellectually insulting owner talking points, and he's doing the right thing by taking care of his people.