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Indianapolis Star Reports Peyton Manning Has Second Neck Surgery

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Mike Chappell of the Indy Star reports today that Peyton Manning underwent his second neck surgery recently, which was his second surgery to his neck in the past 15 months. He underwent his first surgery back in March of 2010:

The Indianapolis Colts veteran quarterback and the NFL’s only four-time MVP informed The Star today he underwent a "minimally invasive’’ procedure on Monday to addressed a disc-related issue in his neck. Manning had surgery on March 3, 2010 to relieve pain caused by a pinched nerve.

Each procedure was performed by Dr. Richard Fessler at Chicago’s Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

Chappell says this was for an injury suffered somewhat recently, but did not get any more details. On top of not wanting to talk about his contract situation, and the labor situation, this could be a third reason why #18 hasn't spoken to the media at all for months.

Manning doesn't expect much downtime, as he said he was back to normal within a couple weeks after the last surgery. Good to get this taken care of now, so that he's ready for a yet-to-be-determined date when Training camp will start.

[Editor's Note]: You may recall that, back in September of last year, our blog reported a rumor from a credible source we left anonymous that Peyton had injured his neck sometime during or before the Week One Texans game. We were the first to mention this news, and we wrote about it all year long, much to the annoyance of some who dismissed it or claimed we were making it up. 

To our loyal readers who believed us, thank you.

To those who were critical of us for reporting this rumor or who called us nasty names because they're jealous of how cool we are, they can eat it. --bbs