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Colts Director Of Player Personnel Clyde Powers Retires, More Changes Coming- UPDATE, Powers Was Fired

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Whether due to the lockout or the shift in power at the top of the player personnel department's food chain, the Indianapolis Colts director of player personnel, Clyde Powers, has decided to retire after 31 years with the Colts. The report of Powers retiring came via Twitter by the Indianapolis Star. Joining Powers in retirement is another 31-year-vet of the organization: Video director Marty Heckscher.

Both Powers and Heckscher were with the club before it moved to Indianapolis.

The Star is also tweeting that some coaches are expected to leave the team as well. This news comes right on the heels of news that the Colts are one of seven teams who plan to pay their coaches despite the lockout.

A coach to recently leave the team was longtime offensive coordinator Tom Moore.

If and when we get word on who the coaching departures are, we will post them. More change in the winds at West 56th Street.

UPDATE: Powers told the Indy Star he did not retire. He was fired by Chris Polian. If you needed any more proof that Chris, not Bill, is running the show now, there's your proof.