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Luke Links: The 'Fan Do NOT Want An 18-Game Season' Edition

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Despite what imaginary fantasy world Roger Goodell lives in, most NFL fans do NOT want an 18-game regular season. In fact, the backlash against 18 games is so strong, I lose respect for Goodell every time he opens his yap to talk about it. Players don't want it. Fans don't want it. Coaches don't want it. Bill Polian doesn't seem jazzed about it. The only people who want it are owners,  who are so out of touch with reality it's almost scary.

If people want to know why the owners and players aren't currently negotiating and are, instead, litigating for a new CBA, look no further than the 18-game season issue. One cannot negotiate with people who do not base their opinions on reality, and when the owners keep saying 'Fans want 18 games!' and there is absolutely zero evidence to back up that claim, it kinda makes negotiations a waste.

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