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Oral Arguments For NFL Anti-Trust Set For Friday In Eighth Circuit

Welcome to the 'unofficial' beginning of summer. Usually, this period is the most dead time of the year for football crazies like us. OTAs are, by this time, completed. Mini-camps and other organized activities are also finished. Between now and late-July, it is usually nothing until training camp opens.

But, this hasn't been a normal off-season. I've lost count as to how many days we're into this stupid owner-imposed lockout of the players, but it's long. The whole matter might get settled in court 'soon.' On June 3rd, the oral arguments for Brady v. NFL will be heard in the Eighth Circuit Court Of Appeals. The district court has already ruled overwhelmingly in favor of the players. Now, the appeal will come under scrutiny in front of three judges, two of which overturned the district court's order lifting the lockout.

For us fans, I won't sugarcoat things. Without the eighth circuit backing the district court, I think the NFL will cancel pre-season and regular season games. Should that happen, the NFL as we know it will die. Already, we are seeing the signs of fan anger and resentment, and those feelings are more than justified. It's a long shot, but I feel we have to hope for a favorable players ruling in the eighth circuit.

If that happens, coupled with the ruling we're likely to get soon by Judge Doty in federal court regarding the compensation for the 'lockout insurance' case, which the NFL owners lost, would pretty much break the back of the owners, who are the root cause for all this lockout nonsense.