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More High Marks For The Colts 2011 NFL Draft

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Pro Football Focus doesn't hand out 'grades' per say for the NFL Draft (thank god), but they do analyze the draft based on 'need' and how the new players could, potentially, find ways to help the team based on the performance of players already entrenched at their respective positions.

For the Colts, the overall tone of their draft analysis was positive. I'm not going to post the whole article because that would be a slight to PFF (aka, you should go to the site and read their stuff!). But, I'll post these two little nuggets about Anthony Castonzo and Drake Nevis, the two players many Colts fans seem to have high expectations for:

Round 1: Anthony Castonzo, OT, Boston College
The Colts were very fortunate to have Castonzo, a player some analysts felt was the best tackle in the 2011 draft class, fall to 22nd overall. Indy hopes Castonzo can provide an upgrade to Charlie Johnson, who had a -8.6 rating. They may slide Johnson to the right side to replace Ryan Diem, who rated even worse (-25.1.)

Round 3: Drake Nevis, DT, LSU
Nevis is a perfect fit for Indianapolis’ defensive scheme, and should be able to contribute immediately.  He’s not likely to be any worse than Daniel Muir (-24.4) or Keyunta Dawson (-16.0.) Johnson, Muir, Dawson, and Eric Foster (-2.2) are all pending free agents, which should open the door for Nevis to make an instant impact.

Charlie with a -8.6 is misleading because, overall, Charlie is not a starting caliber left tackle. He's a great 'glue guy' type player, and he played most of last years with an severe ankle injury. Charlie's tough (unlike Tony Ugoh), and that -8.6 rating should be held against him. The Diem -25.1 rating does not surprise me. Diem is done. Age has caught up with him. Happens to all players. I think it's time for Diem to hang them up.