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Indianapolis Colts Most Overrated And Underrated Players

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We're now in that point in the lockout where NFL writers are literally just making things up as they go, hoping that, someday soon, this black hole will end and they can start writing about real news that's relevant. Until then, we have Pete Prisco and his overrated-underrated NFL players list. Here's his opinion on who the most overrated and underrated Colts are.

Indianapolis Colts

Overrated: RT Ryan Diem. He never gets blamed like the left tackle, but he's part of the problem in protection. He has real trouble with speed rushers.

Underrated: S Antoine Bethea. He was the glue of the secondary last season when injuries shelved all the players around him. He is a free agent, whom the Colts will bring back.

Not going to disagree with that. In fact, it's quite accurate. I'm actually one of these fools who thinks Ryan Diem won't be playing for the Colts next year. But, that's just me.

Paul Kuharsky also has his most underrated Colts player:

Jerraud Powers, cornerback: His second season was cut short by a broken arm, but since entering the league in 2009, Powers has proved to be a very effective player. Colts corners are asked to keep plays in front of them in a relatively simple system in which they usually get safety help over the top. Still, doing that well and tackling consistently are necessities at the spot. He provides that, along with the sort of confidence and poise a team’s best defensive backs typically have. I expect him to continue to get better, to grow into a primary defensive leader and to have a long career.

Again, like Prisco's choices, can't say I disagree with this. My one issue with Powers is he has yet to play a full season. Injuries seem to float around him. Kuharsky doesn't seem to have his overrated players listed, but that might be because he doesn't want to piss anyone off who he might have to interview next year.

My overrated and underrated Colts players are after the jump...

Underrated: Charlie Johnson

All this guy does is show up, play his butt off, and not complain. He's played out of position for two years, and was lining up at tackle last season with foot and ankle injuries. Yet, despite the injuries and playing out of position, he started 15 games. Charlie's the ultimate 'glue guy.' One of the best things about the Colts drafting left tackle Anthony Castonzo is that Charlie could get moved back to his natural guard spot.

Others considered here: Tyjuan Hagler, Blair White, and Justin Tryon

Overrated: Kelvin Hayden

He signed a five-year, $43 million dollar contract in 2009, and since then he's started in only 20 of a possible 32 regular season games, notching just three INTs and thirteen passes defended. Right now, Hayden might be the third best corner on the team right now, behind Kuharsky's pick Powers and last year's surprise, Justin Tryon. When your team's third best corner is making millions more than the guys ahead of him, that pretty much defines the tag 'overrated.'

Others considered here: Gary Brackett, Ryan Diem, and Clint Session