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More Colts Changes, And A Special Thank You

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Earlier today we wrote about Chris Polian hiring his little brother Dennis as the Colts director of football administration two weeks after firing former player personnel director Clyde Powers. In addition to this, the Indianapolis Star is reporting that longtime Colts public relations man Craig Kelley has been 'reassigned,' which reads ominous when you look at it.

As you all know, I've used this blog to rail and rant against the terrible way the Indianapolis Colts have treated media, bloggers, and fans over the years. Their behavior is well-documented and very looked down upon within league circles. Folks in NFL corporate, and people who work for NFL Media, are often apologizing to me for how the Colts treat media and fans. That treatment has definitely altered my sense of what being a fan really is, and how, with some teams, they think fans should just 'shut up and cheer when they're told,' rather than ask questions and think for themselves.

However, I want all of you to know that Craig Kelley was never someone who treated me, or my writers, with any level of disrespect. Whatever anger I had with the Colts for how they treated people, that anger was never directed at Craig. As a PR man, Craig was always kind, courteous, and friendly even when the sh*t was hitting the fan. His job was utterly thankless, and I think he should have won some kind of medal for how he personally handled himself during the Bill Polian-created disaster that was Week Sixteen of the 2009 season. I have often thanked Craig privately for being nice and gracious to fans and bloggers. He hates it when I do it publicly, but nonetheless I think it important to give Craig a little public love because, quite frankly, he really deserves it.

Thank you, Craig. You helped people like me enjoy being a Colts fan. I wish you luck, health, and happiness in your new job.

Replacing Craig is a man named Avis Roper, who has the title of 'senior director of communications.' Roper worked as the Assistant Director of Communications for the New York Giants for twelve years before getting this new gig with the Colts. Roper was also a game time statistical recorder for the New York Knicks from 1999-2003. Before that, he was an intern with the Carolina Panthers from 1996-1998, which was the exact time Bill and Chris Polian were working there.