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Former Colts Defensive End Raheem Brock Arrested For Seemingly Stupid Reasons

Seriously? A $27 bar tab warrants an arrest?

A Fox 29 source says [Raheem Brock] allegedly dipped out on a $27 bill at the Copacabana. He was questioned by police at 5th and South streets. Our source says there a minor struggle and police put Brock under arrest.

Ah yes. The famous Philadelphia police force. They have a special way of dealing with former Colts players.

This looks like nothing more than a stupid misunderstanding, and it appears that the bar, the police, and Brock overreacted. The end result makes the bar look petty, the cops brutish, and Brock cheap. I mean, come on. I've lost track of how many times I've stumbled out of an urban bar, forgetting to pay my tab. Usually someone runs outside, tells me I owe, and I pay while apologizing for being the ridiculously drunk schmuck forgetful yutz I sometimes am. And I live in NYC.

Apparently, in Philly, if this happens I'm fighting with cops. Such a lovely town.