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Jim Irsay Sounds Optimistic About New Deal At Owners Meeting

From CBS Sports' Clark Judge, who is at the one-day owners meeting in Chicago:

Jim irsay just said "it's the season for getting a deal done" and sounded optimistic that one will be done in time to keep preseason intact

This is more positive news, especially in light that the meeting would remain a single day event. If the meeting had dragged on for multiple days, the message sent would be that the owners are not united; that some owners want to dismiss the positive work done in recent weeks to create a new CBA and use the threat of 'no game checks' to break the union.

Thankfully, it seems smart owners like Irsay are in the majority, and want to preserve football.

Mike Florio charts out the ideal timeline if today's owners meeting is the final 'we agree' before a a new CBA is announced:

That’s why the ideal timeline entails announcing a deal on June 30, starting free agency on July 8, and then launching camp for the Rams and Bears on July 23, giving them two weeks to prepare for the Hall of Fame Game, which will be played on August 7.

That would be pretty friggin sweet if it turns out to be true.