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Irsay: Deal Done In 'Next Couple Of Weeks'

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Jim Irsay was the only owner to come out and publicly say that a deal had to be done by July 4th if the NFL season (a complete season) was to be saved.

Personally, I'm betting he knew, as most others did, that if games were missed football would cease to be relevant. Fans would tune out the league in disgust, tired of supporting a league run by greedy, entitled old men who care nothing for the impact football has on working class America.

Today, at the owners meeting, Irsay is still talking. This time, he's speaking about a July 4th deal more as a reality rather than some unattainable goal. From Clark Judge, who just yesterday discovered this nifty tool called Twitter:

Irsay also mentioned something about getting something done in "next couple of weeks." Remember, it was he who first said 7/4 was deadline

Cue Tony Kornheiser, mouthpiece for Daniel Snyder, calling B.S. on Irsay's latest chirp.

Despite whatever Tony Kornheiser may or may not say, it seems Irsay's positive vibe is very much the feel and tone others are getting from today's owners meeting.

irsay alsi confirmed this looks like one day meeting, tho he termed talks "fragile." Still sounded more optimistic than last month.

Other news from today's meeting gives us insight into why Bill Polian, Rich McKay, Bruce Allen, and other 'football operations' people were present at the meting site near Chicago. Albert Breer of NFL Network elaborates:

Have been told, for what it's worth, that the high number of "football people" here is no mistake. And there are really 2 reasons for it ...

... 1) To maintain competitive balance, assure teams involved w/labor comm don't have an edge; 2) To plan for how end of lockout would look.

So, our team's owner is telling us a new deal could be announced within a couple of weeks while our football operations guru is busy planning an end to the lockout.

Not a bad day's work.