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Report: New NFL Deal Has 48 Percent Share For Players, No Mandated 18-Game Season

As more and more news leaks from today's owners meeting near Chicago, ESPN's Chris Mortensen has the juicy details on what might be the NFL's next collective bargaining agreement between the owners and players.

Here are a few bulleted details from Mortensen's report:

  • Players will receive 48 percent of all revenue and will never dip below a 46.5 percent take of the money.
  • 18-game season designated only as a 'negotiable item' and is not mandated in a potential agreement.
  • When projected revenues double to $18 billion annually, retired players will receive additional benefits.
  • A new 16-game Thursday night TV package beginning in 2012 will be the source of new revenue.
  • Owners still will get some expense credits that will allow funding for new stadium construction.

Doug Farrar of Football Outsiders commented on these details:

Judging from the details, it looks to me like the owners and the players have at least the framework of a deal.


The positives here are that the stupid 18-game season is not 'a done deal,' the way Bill Polian described it back in September of last year, and the mega issue of 'who gets what percentage of the revenues' seems to have been solved.

We're also hearing, from Peter King, that there will be a salary cap going forward. Owners are trying to work out the details on what the cap should be year by year.

Also, I'm in favor of the 16-game Thursday night TV package. I'm sure leagues like the MLB or the NBA might not like it, but no one really gives a flying fart what they think. Football is king, and if this deal is reached within the next two weeks, if will stay king.