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Best NFL Quarterback The Last Three Years Is Peyton Manning

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One of the reasons I haven't gotten so red-faced angry in recent years over the whole Manning v. Brady debate is that, for me, the debate was closed two years ago when Peyton Manning won his NFL record fourth league MVP and guided the Colts to another Super Bowl. Anyone saying that 'Brady is better' after that is either someone who is loyal to the Patriots organization (former players working in network television), has a vested interest in the Patriots succeeded (Boston-area media), or is a complete dumbass (Cold Hard Football Facts).

Basically, no one objective and knowledgeable is saying 'Brady is better' because they simply don't have any facts to back that statement up.

Pretty much all objective measurements of 'greatness' have Peyton Manning as the premiere quarterback of his generation. No one does more with less. If the feeling most have is that the Colts would be a six win team without Peyton, then that right there settles the 'debate.' We already know what the Patriots are without Tom Brady: 11-5.

Thus, when Pro Football Focus put out its recent article tracking quarterback play from 2008-2010, it came as no surprise to this blogger that Peyton Manning was listed as No. 1.

It will surprise no one that our top ranked passer over the past three years is the great Peyton Manning. He was top of the rankings in 2008 and 2009, and finished second in 2010. Without him, it’s hard to imagine what the Colts would do, especially when you consider the state of his offensive line. He’ll give up a few interceptions, but nobody wins more games for their team.

Tom Brady was not listed in the top ten because he did not play during the 2008 season, which was the year the Patriots went 11-5 with Matt Cassel as their quarterback. I have nothing against Tom Brady, and have sung his praises many, many times. But, he simply is an inferior quarterback to Peyton Manning. Anyone who says otherwise just isn't credible on the subject.

Regarding Peyton's dominance from 2008-2010, when you consider the of piss-poor offensive line and defense the front office place around Peyton during those years, it really is amazing how well he played. Imagine if Peyton had a real o-line and a defense that could tackle a running back during those years.