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Indianapolis Colts Reggie Wayne The Best Of The Geriatric Receivers In Football

Dan Pompei of Chicago Tribune fame has a nice Sunday Blitz article posted today over at National Football Post where he ranks all the top wide receivers in football over the age of 32. Don't ask me why '32' is the cutoff age for being 'old' as a wideout in football for Pompei.

I'm 34 myself.

If one is over 30 and is playing running back, I could see Pompei's point. But many receivers, such as Art Monk, Jerry Rice, Cris Carter, Anthony Carter, and Jimmy Smith were top tier wideouts at age 32 and beyond.

Top tier at age 35 or older? Now, that is something worth noting. 35 is certainly 'football old' regardless of position.

But, for Pompei, 32 is the cutoff age, and ranked No. 1 for his best of the geriatrics at the wide receiver position is the Indianapolis Colts' Reggie Wayne, who turns 33 in November.

1. Reggie Wayne. It’s hard to believe he is 32. Wayne caught a career high 111 passes in 2010. His big play production was down a bit, but that probably was due more to the fact that he was the only consistent receiving weapon the Colts had. He remains a premier performer and a rarity.

Interesting to note that former-Vikings, Raiders, Patriots, Vikings (again), and Titans wide receiver Randy Moss is ranked 9th. Just two years ago, people talked about Moss as being 'the best' in the entire league. Now, he's 9th best among the 'old guys?'

Oh, and two years ago, Randy Moss was 32.