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Luke Links: The 'Does Colts Direct Deliver Groceries?' Edition

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For the first time in months, we enter a lockout week with a general sense of optimism. Soon, a new CBA deal might get done, and other news...

FROM THE SADDLE (official team news)


  • Coltzilla finally posted an article. Three, in fact, since I said, 'Starting to think this site is dead' two weeks ago. The site went twenty-one days posting just one article. Side Note: If you need fourteen paragraphs to explain why you haven't written on your site for twenty-one days, it better involve witness protection programs, sharks with lasers, or how you've had trouble juggling blogging with running Cobra out of your mother's basement. If not, then don't write the article.
  • Mike Freeman of CBS Sports is reporting that multiple sources are telling him a CBA deal will get done prior to July 4th.
  • According to Football Outsiders, Pat Angerer, Robert Mathis, and Daniel Muir all suck at stopping the opponent from making a successful play. Meanwhile, Kavell Conner is pretty good at such a task. From FO: 'Stop Rate isn't a perfect stat. It measures the plays that a player makes, not the plays he misses or the plays he doesn't even get a chance to miss because he is being properly blocked away from the ballcarrier.'
  • Mike Florio at PFT discusses how the 8th Circuit's ruling could be disappointing for both parties.
  • National Football Post thinks the Colts should trade for Glenn Dorsey once the lockout is lifted.
  • Former Colts coach Tony Dungy is in Chicago conducting a coaching clinic with Lovie Smith and the Bears. Basically, instead of just sitting around, Smith is having his coaches teach each other classes on quarterback play, pass rushing, and the basics of the famed Tampa-2. Question: Why didn't Jim Caldwell do this too?

HORSE APPLES (stuff from around SB Nation)