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Titans Open Player-Organized Workouts, Colts Still Keep Their Workouts Secretive [UPDATE]

The Titans are not a franchise I have a ton of respect for. Jeff Fisher was the only reason they were ever competitive, and he was run out of town because he and his incompetent owner, Bud Adams, couldn't get along. I've taken numerous shots at this team over the years because they've, quite honestly, deserved them. Vince Young alone was a gold mine of material. I always laughed when Titans fans would tell me he 'just needed time to develop' a full four years after he was drafted.

But, when a franchise does something right, even one like the Titans, they deserve acknowledgment. Case in point, the Titans are opening their player-organized workouts to the fans.

Titans cornerback Cortland Finnegan wrote on Twitter Monday night that fans are welcome and encouraged to attend.

"It’s official we are gonna open up Wednesdays practice to the public everyone tell everyone come out at 10:30 and bring the whole family," Finnegan wrote.

More than any other team, the Titans, with a new head coach and a rookie quarterback in Jake Locker, would be a logical candidate for a team to keep their workouts 'secretive.' Yet, they aren't because they correctly realize that the lockout is indeed alienating NFL fans. Season tickets sales are down, and the longer this stupid work stoppage continues, the fewer people will show up in the stands next season when the lockout (hopefully) ends.

Again, bravo Tennessee. Bravo.

Meanwhile, the Colts (who run simple, uncomplicated offensive and defensive schemes that have remained relatively unchanged in nine years) keep their workouts from the eyes of the public. /facepalm

[UPDATE]: Oops. Looks like Finnegan did not get clearance from the practice site vendor to have fans show up and watch the player-organized activities. Again, it's understandable if a local high school like Father Ryan High School doesn't want thousands of Titans fans roaming around their school grounds. And, as PFT accurately pointed out, Finnegan and the players' hearts were in the right place in wanting to make their practices open. Despite this screw-up, they still deserve props for wanting to give people more access.