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Marlin Jackson Working Out With Jerraud Powers, Antoine Bethea

The drafting of Jerraud Powers in 2009 signaled the end of Marlin Jackson as a starter in Indianapolis. Powers was the Week One starter at corner that year, and Jackson was never able to wrench back the job that had been his for two straight seasons prior.

After 2009, Jackson was gone from the team after landing on IR for two straight years. Last year, he injured his Achilles during a practice with his new team, the Eagles. The injury at Eagles OTAs happened almost exactly one year ago.

Today, we get news from Jerraud Powers that not only is Marlin running again, but he's running with his former Colts teammates:

Great run wit n Marlin Jackson....

Nice to hear Marlin is healthy enough to run again. I hope he can get his career back on track after a series of devastating injuries. It's also kind of neat the he doesn't hold anything against Powers.