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Robert Mathis And Family Expecting Twins

Because I'm tired of writing about these ongoing (and painfully slow) labor negotiations, and because I am in the mood for some good news, I'm taking the time this morning to highlight a little bit of information I gathered from Twitter last night: Colts defensive end Robert Mathis and his spouse are expecting twins.

From Colts defensive tackle Eric Foster, via Twitter:

Big S/O to my big brah Expecting 2 Bay Bay kids lol. Let's pray for great health for both his spouse n kids Stay thirsty

Maybe there's something in the water in central Indiana, because Colts quarterback Peyton Manning and his wife Ashely just welcomed twins into this world a little more than a month ago.

With the news that Mathis and family are expecting, Robert took to Twitter last night and provided a few more details:

Two strong heartbeats after ultrasound. is GOOD!!

The baby news also has more than a few people asking Robert if the expected arrivals are a big reason why he is demanding a new contract with the Indianapolis Colts. When asked the following by a fan (Reid _22) on Twitter:

So this is why he want a bigger contract! LOL

Robert responded with this:

Half truth to that lol lmao

It makes sense that a player in Mathis' position would want a new deal, babies or no babies. But, the added 'child variable' likely makes him even more determined to get a deal. I personally don't think that deal will not be with the Indianapolis Colts, but that's just me.

All that aside, it is indeed wonderful news that Robert and his spouse are expecting. He and I have battled verbally from time to time, but that doesn't mean I'm not happy for him. Congratulations to Robert and his family. This has been some much welcomed good news.