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I Received A Nice Tweet Last Night From Robert Mathis

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From my longtime 'nemesis,' Robert Mathis:

Thx 4 putting our aside 4 the sake of my babies.U possibly can be voted in the by now lol!

That was very nice of Robert to send me that, and as I told him in my response tweet, I'm genuinely very happy for him and his spouse. If one of the twins turns out to be a boy, maybe they can grow up and play defensive end, like his daddy. Then, when he comes of age, they can get a shot at sacking Peyton Manning's son, Marshall. Or, maybe he can tackle Jack Brady, Tom Brady's boy.

It seems that there really is something in the water in Indiana. Everyone is having kids. Robert tweeted me a different theory:

i blame it on the lockout lol

He might be right. #LockOutBabies

I also told Robert this lockout needs to end or I am going to lose my mind writing all these articles to our readers about how the lockout will end on 'X Date.' The newest theory, tossed out there by Mike Florio, is an agreement by July 17th. Like all the other deadline days, this one seems plausible, especially with Magistrate judge Boylan telling both sides to show up at his chambers on July 19th with 'full settlement authority.'

But, I'll believe it when I see it.