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Former-Colts Defensive End Erwin Baldwin Calls James Harrison A 'Goon' For Comments

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Erwin Baldwin hasn't played for the Indianapolis Colts since 2009 when he was a reserve defensive linemen. But, Baldwin still keeps in touch with several of his former-teammates. I met Erwin in Miami the week before Super Bowl XLIV. Nice guy. Last year, after he was let go by the Colts, I was happy to see him land with the Chicago Bears, a team that runs a similar defensive system to Indy's.

Baldwin is also an avid Tweeter, and today he aimed his sights on Steelers linebacker James Harrison, whose comments about his teammates in the recent edition of the Men's Journall have rubbed many NFL people the wrong way.

From Baldwin, via Twitter:

Man just seen James Harrison comments dude is a goon...

Aaron Schatz of Football Outsiders probably has the best quote regarding Harrison's stupid comments:

IMHO, the worst thing a player can do is attack his teammates publicly. Goodell? Yawn. Patriots? Super yawn. Teammates? Are you nuts?

Pete Prisco of CBS Sports makes it clear that Harrison's own teammates view him as unstable. The Steelers have already issued a statement basically saying they haven't seen the article and can't do anything to discipline Harrison until after the lockout is lifted.