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NFL Lockout: It Should End Today (But Will It?)

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Allow me to toss in a few Tweets from Colts owner Jim Irsay which were posted last night:

Just left the bar n,mood was cautious n contemplative..with much work 2 b done on Thursday,r thoughts r with Kraft fam n Boston

Life is very short..and there's no time..4 fussing n fighting my friends...we can work it out!

Today is the day all 32 owners are expected to vote for the new collective bargaining agreement in Atlanta, GA. We were expected to have the players vote yesterday, but, for reasons no one knows, they didn't. Despite the frustration of the NFLPA dragging its feet on something which truly should be a no-brainer, there is optimism heading into today's meetings.

What is supposed to happen today is both sides are to vote and approve the new CBA. If that does not happen, both sides will look like incompetent, bumbling fools. They've been negotiating and discussing this CBA for weeks. All the key economic issues are agreed upon. There should be no hold ups.

The lockout should 'end' today, and if it doesn't I'm going to be one of a legion of fans who will be ROYALLY pissed at the parties involved.