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NFL Players Saying Owners 'Tricked' And 'Hoodwinked' Players With New CBA Agreement

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Earlier this evening, 31 or 32 NFL owners agreed to a new collective bargaining agreement for the NFL. However, the problem at hand is that, according to the players, the agreement the owners voted on was not one the players were looking at.

According to multiple sources, players are saying the owners slipped in new elements to a deal that were never agreed to at the negotiating table. Players have taken to Twitter to voice their extreme displeasure with the owners voting tonight, with Vonnie Holliday of the Redskins provided the most telling tweet of them all:

No reason to lie! Truth of the matter is we got tricked, duped, hoodwinked, bamboozled!

Basically, what it seems the owners have done is agree on a CBA the players have not seen. Then, once agreed, the owners announced that the agreement is approved with the intention to use the media to pressure the players to signing a ten year CBA which has added elements. Meanwhile, the owners hope is that fans, like you and me, will get angry and impatient with the players for not approving a deal as the days drag on.

According to DeMaurice Smith NFLPA general counsel Richard Berthelsen in an email to the players, via Dan Kaplan, the new agreement might even violate federal labor law.

Jason Kirk of SB Nation pretty accurately summed up my feelings about what the owners did tonight, via Twitter:

Sports fan, the NFL thinks you're an idiot. That's the only thing we've learned tonight.

This should be a cut and dry deal, folks. A no-brainer. Both sides vote on a document they've spent months preparing. How hard is that?

Apparently, for the Jerry Richardsons of this world, it's difficult.

We now have both sides arguing with each other again. This is bad. Very bad. It is entirely possible the NFLPA will reject this owner-approved 'new' agreement. If they do, the preseason is likely finished.

We'll report more info when we get it, but right now things do not look good. Like you, I'm pretty red-faced angry right now. For now, there is no vote tonight by the NFLPA on this 'agreement.'