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Report: Deal Is Done, NFL Football Returns, Camps Open Tuesday [UPDATE]

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More often than not, Jay Glazer of FOX Sports is dead on when it comes to breaking NFL news. Thus, when he tweeted this morning that both the NFL owners and the players have 'FINALLY agree to terms of new CBA,' everyone who has followed this long lockout took those words as gospel. It seems football is indeed back.

However, until I see De Smith at a podium or an official email from the NFLPA, I'm not jumping. But, news of this kind, from Jay Glazer, does make me feel very good this morning.

Also according to Glazer, team facilities could be open as early as Tuesday, and that training camp will open for ten teams on Thursday. Then, another ten teams open camp on Friday followed by twelve over the weekend. This means that teams like the Indianapolis Colts will be opening camp early, hoping to get some extra conditioning and medical evaluation work in.

Regarding free agency Glazer said it could start as early as Friday or Saturday. This is somewhat consistent with the timeline we posted yesterday, with teams able to sign collegiate free agents on Wednesday of this week.

According to ESPN, the NFLPA has a press conference scheduled for later today. We'll have news and updates on that press conference is and when it happens.

[UPDATE] From Adam Schefter:

Teams can begin signing UFAs tomorrow at noon. Those contracts would not take effect until Aug 2.

Ten teams would report Weds, 10 Thurs, 10 Fri, with Jets and Texans reporting on Sunday. New league year would start Aug. 2 at 4 pm.