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Report: Colts Can Begin Signing Their Own Free Agents TODAY [UPDATE]

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With the glorious news that NFL football is returning, we once again turn to ESPN's Adam Schefter for updates on what this means for free agency, trades, and all the wonderful offseason treats we've been starved from for 132 days:

Teams can begin talking trades this afternoon. Any trade made would not become official until Saturday.

Teams can sign their free agents this afternoon. Teams can begin talking to UFAs this afternoon. Teams can sign UFAs tomorrow at noon.

This means that the Indianapolis Colts could begin negotiating with free agent quarterback Peyton Manning. Reports indicate that the team still holds Manning's rights with the franchise tag, but locking Peyton up would help the Colts check off a HUGE ' to-do' from their accelerated offseason check list. Manning is expected to sign the biggest contract in NFL history.

Other notable free agents for Indianapolis include Joseph Addai, Clint Session, and Melvin Bullitt. It's also likely that collegiate free agents will begin to sign contracts either today or tomorrow.

[UPDATE] According to Jay Glazer on Dan Patrick's radio show, teams cannot start signing free agents until Saturday. However, from Mark Maske at the Washington Post:

NFL might allow conditional signings of rookies starting today and free agents starting Tuesday. Contracts could be done but not official.

So, it seems Maske and Schefter have to tagteam against Glazer. Who you got? Alfie Crow of Big Cat Country has his money on Glazer.

[UPDATE No. 2] From Glazer:

Trades can be made and rookies signed starting tomorrow. Free agents cannot be signed until 6 pm Friday. All FA's on same time line, no exclusive window for own FA's